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Nadia • great sense of joy

I moved from Australia to Germany in October last year. It was a very spontaneous decision, to follow my heart and put myself out of my comfort zone to grow. The thought of moving away from my family and friends of course made me uncomfortable, but I knew I would regret it if I didn’t take the leap.

I spent two years working as a waitress and travelling Australia/Asia, my favourite trip being a 300km hike across Western Australia with my best-friend. I only made the decision to move to Germany 4 months before I left, my driving incentives being to learn a second language, to pursue a relationship with my German boyfriend and most of all to study music.
I went through an intensive music program at school and my passion for playing and writing music only grew since. I play classical piano and left-handed jazz guitar, and you can sometimes catch me with a trombone or alto-saxophone in hand.

I discovered Kulmine within a month of being in Germany. A housemate named Sara told me about this “zero-waste business” and I was instantly interested, so she gave me Petra’s email. I explained in my email that my German was not very good, and of course Petra still met with me and gave me a chance. We got along right away and she found ways to work around the language barrier and provided me with work that suited me best. I was instantly welcomed into Kulmine and felt comfortable to openly be myself.

I have bigger than usual feet (size 41, sometimes 42) and within the first week of work Petra had a new pair of house shoes in my size. I was also given Jasmine green tea, leftover veggies and second hand goodies for my new apartment. She is giving, generous and makes all of the team members feel recognised, appreciated and cared about. I think I can speak for everyone that works here and say that is a very calm, cosy, positive and homey feeling every time you walk in that Kulmine door.

One of my roles at Kulmine is as the photographer. Taking photos is definitely one of my favourite parts of coming to work, because I am totally free to be creative and explore my own ideas. My mother is an artist, which must be where that artistic side in me comes from. Another part of my work at Kulmine that I enjoy is the meditative state I can dive into during the process of folding Helas or “Binden knöpfen”! Some of the team members listen to music when working (sometimes I do too) but there is also a beautiful clarity of mind you can walk away with after working with only the sound of the birds in the garden. I also feel a great sense of joy when individually wrapping each order with colourful tissue paper, because I know it will make someone happy to open it and also help them live a more eco-friendly lifestyle!

It is a pleasure to feel like I am finally working with a purpose and for a business that I wholeheartedly support. Everyone who is working there wants to be there and you can feel that Kulmine is close to everyone’s hearts. I’m so happy to have found Kulmine and hope to keep working here for as long as I’m in Osnabrück. 

Nadia ☺️

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